Business Divisions

Investing In A Better Future

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do - investing in & building businesses that promote sustainable lifestyles, consumption, and practices, globally, to preserve our planet and improve the lives of current and future generations.


Education is the key to progress. Giving people access to the skills and knowledge they need to improve themselves, and the way they live. Our team has been investing in the education sector globally for over four decades.

Health & Wellness

Access to healthcare is key to improving quality of life. We focus on bringing health and wellness solutions, products, services and technology into both Developed and Emerging Markets.

Food & Agriculture

Sustainable food production is vital for reducing climate change, and improving the quality of life for the billions suffering from food insecurity. We focus on providing access to knowledge, technology, markets and finance.

Fund management

We are advisor to a number of funds, for formation, fund raising, management, portfolio enhancement and deal flow

SDG Global Exchange

Building a global network of securities exchanges, funding platforms, and trading platforms


We are experts in many forms of finance, and in capital markets transactions, including IPO, RTO, SPACs & digital offerings.


We work with businesses focused on sustainable consumer products and services, including in Food, Travel and Tourism; Entertainment and Culture.

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