• Overview

    GBTB is an intellectual property (IP) management company, with the exclusive global rights to the revenue generated by the IP owned by The Great British Teddy Bear Company®. GBTB has signed and is negotiating contracts and partnerships for the licensing of the IP in several countries for: Clothing, shoes and accessories;Shopping mall based pop-up and VR centers;Teddy bears and related products;English language teaching centers; Animated series;Great British centers; Cultural centers/theme parks.

  • Key Information

    Founded in the UK over a decade ago by the Jessup family, the Great British Teddy Bear Company (“GBUK”) has built an internationally recognized brand, endorsed by the previous Prime Minister of the UK, collected by the British Royal family, sold in prestigious stores, and to be featured on clothing and in an animated series. GBUK developed the IP, built around the core product, the Great British Teddy Bear, a high quality traditionally made teddy bear featuring a range of costumes based on British characters, TV series and personalities, events and history, including Sherlock Holmes (in partnership with Dominic Cumberbatch and the BBC). Following increasing interest in the brand, in 2019 the Jessup family took the decision to create GBTB, a licensing company incorporated in Hong Kong with the exclusive global rights to all of the IP generated by GBUK.


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