Business Divisions

SDG Global Sustainability

At the heart of everything we do is sustainability - investing in and building businesses that promote sustainable lifestyles, consumption, and practices.

SDG Global Education

SDG is building an international education group, focused on bringing technology, expertise, materials and skills from Developed Markets into the fast growing Emerging Markets. Education is key to much of what we do.

SDG Global Healthcare

Access to healthcare is key to improving quality of life. SDG's Healthcare Division focuses on bringing health and wellness solutions, products, services and technology into both Developed and Emerging Markets, as well as introducing alternative remedies and wellness solutions into these Markets.

SDG Food and agriculture

Food and agriculture is vital for global development. Our team is committed to promoting food security and implementing sustainable food production systems.

SDG Global Women

Providing education, financing, support, health care and opportunties for women is a core focus of our activities, and an area many of our team are passionate about.

SDG Global Finance

Our team are experts in many forms of finance, from traditional forms such as equity, mezz, debt, structured, project and PPP, to newer forms like tokens, digital assets, and green bonds. We also have expertise in capital markets transactons, incluing IPO, RTO, and SPACs. ​

SDG Global Lifestyle

Our Lifestyle division covers a range of consumer products and services, including Food, Travel and Tourism; Entertainment; Culture; and retailing.


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